around the Arch

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top arch


around arch


Natural Arch

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Natural Arch is one of the fascinating place to camp and the opportunity to take many photos of friends around the center. Also it’s not just that friends who came along for the ride, but also because of what laid around us on the floor or 50 million year old sharks teeth, but again it was down to nature. Everywhere you looked were thousands of perfectly rounded stones… perhaps volcanic activity, when lava was thrown up into the air to then rain down on the surrounding area, creating what looked like a playground littered with marbles… who knows, but it looked great!


Already there had been so much to see in the desert, so much more than just sand. So many new adventures and experiences. So many new discoveries and this had only been in the neighboring regions, within a 2 or 3 hours drive and approximately about 160 km south-east of Riyadh.



Follow the Riyadh-Makkah tuwaiq road, when you reach the usual routine of going right U-turn to redsand, what you can do is just go ahead towards makkah until you reach the next bridge. In this bridge, go up and make left turn (route 30) and straight ahead and follow this route (route 30) until you reach the route 6006. from this route, make left and drive slowly and try to observe from your right which you can find this arch. one of landmark that near to this arch is the picture below. hopefully this tree still on its place until now. Provide you the coordinates @ 23° 30′ 18.16″ N  46° 13′ 30.66″ E

near arch - landmark

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Saad’s Accident
Khalid and Nourah
A Nasty Drop
My Head Hurts 
Reading The Log Book
A Near Accident
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Road Trip To Empty Quarter

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night with a star1desert sunrise2desert path in empty quarter3beauty in the quarter4desert trees6clear blue sky in the middle of nowhere5mass grave click link as proof9810Mount Abu in empty quarter11-MOUNTaBU

wish to explore more photos regarding Empty Quarter? click this link….

NOTE: Try to use Google Chrome with google translate when opening the link for you to understand some information in English coz the site is Arabic.

rock drawings are from Neolithic period (6000 to 3000 BC) are just 100 kms. away – west of Riyadh

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The way, the modern man tries to leave a land mark for his existence, so did the ancient people in different forms. One such form is the petroglyphs or rock engravings. This rock art provides information about the lives of the people who inhabited the area.
Archaeologists have divided the human cultural developments into different stages, e.g. Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) and Neolithic (New Stone Age). Paleolithic peoples were hunter-gatherers while Neolithic peoples were farmers.
The rock drawings on this site are from Neolithic period (6000 to 3000 BC). It is suspected that the area once contained flourishing grassy plains, which disappeared as the climate grew drier. These drawings are all around on the top of small hill, separated from the main escarpment and are carved into exposed stone. Typically depicting animals, the carvings are of two kinds: engraved images and pecked images made by chipping at the surface of the stone. We can distinguish humans and their weapons, ostriches, ibex etc. These were probably done by hunters in their spare time as they kept watch for prey.

Location: West of Riyadh (about 100 kms) on Riyadh Makkah Highway. After the small town of Jelha, look out for an exit to the right ?Musayqirah?. Take that exit, the road ends after 500meters; continue on the left track down the escarpment (about a km). Now you can see a small rocky hill at about 3 or 4 kms to the north which is the site to be visited.
Important: The track from highway to the site (about 4kms) needs 4×4 due to sand?.but if you feel you are expert at 2 wheel drive and can manage , tracks can lead you to the site..